One is dipped in honey, the other, poison

as you get closer to family, and their vulnerabilities

love is required.

Without love, we can’t share ourselves, with each other

and if family doesn’t share, equally, resentment is a poison.

I walked into a house, the other day

and I was part of their family

what a blessing, to feel valued

to feel, special, like one who belongs.

It wasn’t, what I could do for them

I was just welcome

there is no greater gift than that

they were glad to have me there.

My other family

tells me they don’t like people, and they pretend they do

when I arrive, they don’t look at me, they don’t ask me questions

they make superficial conversation, in a perfect way

then they go outside

and I don’t feel welcome

they aren’t fooling anyone

they speak of their careers, and how they outsmart their bosses

how they get the promotion, and watch the pained expressions

the triumph of arrogance, and conceit

is obvious

competition, is their only communication.

My other family, talks about how they can help others

they save one person at a time

they get to know homeless people, on the street

and invite them in, for dinner.

My other family, talks about how they need to argue

their political opinion, and convince people of the truth

Brothers and Sisters, there is only one obvious truth

and that’s how you make people feel

Love, is obvious

any cleverness or ego or pretending

is foolish.

I wonder, who I want to be

I spend more time with one family, than the other

I’m already 50 percent poison.

We get to choose our family, as we get older

and we make our own, from what we know

It’s a blessing, to get to know

this other family

that makes families

welcoming people, into their home.

If the world did this, it would love itself.

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