I keep digging in my garden

and the clouds, overhead, are dark and black

my shovel, digs a hole, the size of a man.

I could go to China

but I don’t want to

How did it come to this?

the toil of life is fleeting

any gold we bury,

is put where it belongs, where it came from

and perhaps, that’s why, it feels so good

to bury gold underground

in its proper place

beneath, black soil.

the sweat and futility of my situation

the investment, that vanishes

digging holes for other people

digging their foundations,

taking orders, and listening to their plans

My hope grows weary,

as I bury, their money, underground.

Each of us, is digging our own grave

whether we lie down in it, or keep digging

It’s not so much that we will die, but what we leave behind

that matters.

We fertilize it, with our remains

Do we sow the seeds of bitterness

or do we plant a faithful tree?

There is no conquering,

because, the worm, conquers, all.

Will you be remembered as a man

as you step-out into faith?

Maybe faith is foolish

but without it

nothing grows.

Man, you can get angry

at this whole world

but nothing is more honorable than he who accepts his fate

You have to bury yourself

and do the last rights

because that’s better than being picked apart by animals.

Living is hard, and dying is easy

so, we do what is hard, and we don’t try to make it easy

that day will come

like a beautiful surprise

like the day you were born.

Your life should be a work of art

Who you become


It’s so easy to forget that

to forget, you will die

and it’s not what you can harvest

but how you help others, live

It’s not about being remembered

but doing the best that you can

there’s humility in this hole

we should never forget that

we should look around at the anonymous faces

so we can recognize, the opportunities.

If you glorify yourself

the damage you do, is hidden, to you

because you only see yourself.


requires humility

because you can’t measure yourself

by the faults of others

You can’t be fair

by giving others

what they give you

What you give

defines you.

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