What if, you don’t want a show?

You have displayed yourself

for far too long

so that, any intermission

is more pleasurable

than the entertainment you pay for

“Why do you walk out?” They ask.

I never walk in, if I can help it.

I am my own entertainment

my own emotions

Nobody can make me feel, a certain way, without my permission

and their lack of control, makes them hate me

because my indifference, is sincere

“I just want to be left alone.”

And the girls sit next to me in church

And the boss wants me to problem-solve with a coworker

And their Egos get offended by my dreams


and love

for what I do.

And they want what I have, so they call me “selfish”

And they can’t compete for it

because what I have, must be found-out

in solitude.

My ambition doesn’t know what to do

because, now, it takes a backseat

to my other values

Solitude equals Survival

A long bike-ride through the forest

I’m lighter, every day, I’m alone

because I’m not carrying anyone’s baggage

but my own.

There’s a cost for entertainment, and being entertained.

A simple life makes PROBLEMS obvious

You never ask, “Is it me?”

You can’t walk away from everyone,” they say.

But I won’t have to

If you’re patient, you’ll find an enlightened soul

You don’t need company

You need to get rid-of your needs

stop seeing perfect people

and ask difficult questions

wait for their criticism and dishonesty

You don’t need

to walk

into their show.

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