Momentum can only be attained when you are consistently pleased with yourself—hence, vices will crush you. -Intellectual Shaman


The pessimist believes all action is vanity, that all accomplishments are eventually taken for granted, that the will to strive for happiness makes life an endless struggle, but the pessimist neglects what he has never known—joy in continuous supply.


Life is not happiness, so joy gains satisfaction from unhappiness. The way to feel joy, is transmutation of sorrow. Art, is the ultimate expression of joy.


The best method to gain momentum, is to do something that pleases you at the beginning of the day.


The action that pleases you should grow more pleasurable with every action.


Non-thinking and non-being is the ideal way to wake-up. By being empty, you can become full. In this way, your life begins all over again.


If the will is exerted in Nature, man walks where he chooses to. The trees, rivers, and mountains accept him. If the will is exerted among other men, he is assigned a place. Man cannot move. He is looked down upon, looked up to, and envied by his peers.


If a man writes down his ideas, he will be criticized, occasionally praised, but mostly ignored.


New ideas are almost always accused of being old-fashioned.


Relationships are constantly changing—the one we have with ourselves, and the ones we have with others. Is it small wonder that relationships are difficult? They pull us away, and push us together. Their strength is not dependent on the status quo, but the value we assign to them. Relationships die because we devalue them. We devalue them because we aren’t getting what we want from them. Ultimately, selfishness is at the root of failed relationships. What we value, we hold onto. What we hold onto, gives us meaning.

9 thoughts on “Aphorisms on Joy

    1. Hi Liz, I think # 3 was the biggest break-through for me. I realized that telling stories and writing poetry are excellent ways to process pain. In fact, I don’t try to avoid pain anymore, because it always gives me something great to write about. Even things in my life that go horribly wrong, make great stories. Thanks for reading and commenting Liz. So glad it resonated!!!

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      1. You’re welcome, Andy! There is a part of me as I’m going through something painful that says, This will make a good story. In a strange kind of way, it feels as though I’m exploiting my own pain for the sake of art. Doesn’t feel quite right. .

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    1. Hi Eleanor, # 6 is probably the most difficult. What helps me to get outside of my own mind, is a bike ride in the early morning, immediately when I first wake up. I had this insight, this morning. The ride is through the woods. If I focus on nature, or spend time in nature, I immediately relax. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks for reading, as always! 🙂

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