Time changes relationships, ending one, and beginning another, like trees, transitioning into season. Three separate friends, can’t all get along, equally. There is always one, left out. Competition ensues, for the most valuable friend. Only for a short time, do relationships remain the same. A loyal friend, can’t resist the necessary pull, of something, not yet discovered in themselves. Friends give each other parts of their soul; the best friends have a bond more valuable than gold, and it can’t be broken, except for one emotion—love. Kids who become adults, leave their childhood behind. Life is change—college, career, and the vestiges of friendship that haven’t broken are altered forever by romance. -Intellectual Shaman

My best friend was getting married. Perhaps, he didn’t know it, but I knew it, and his dog knew it. Dogs are emotionally intelligent. Sometimes, more intelligent than people. My best friend was a mathematician, so that’s saying something. For months, he was having trouble focusing on his work. Since his work meant more to him, than anything, I asked him about it.

“Clayton, what’s going on inside your head?”

“I can’t stop thinking about her, man. I went on this date 6 months ago, and my mind has been forever compromised. Reading Einstein, and unlocking the fourth dimension doesn’t seem like it matters anymore…”

“But if we can go back in time, we can correct the mistakes of the past.”

“It just doesn’t seem worth it. It’s like those papers I grade. Students have to learn from their mistakes. If they never make any, they won’t learn anything.”

“I suppose that’s what you plan to do with your romantic relationship, then?”

“Making mistakes is better than not making any, right?”

“Perhaps you’re right. But do you remember what I said…?”

“Yeah… that once a woman gets inside your head, there’s no getting her out.”

“Exactly. And was I wrong?”

“No. Like always, you’re right.”

“Life is too short to make mistakes. Some people learn from them. Others, learn from the mistakes of others.”

“But what about living your life?”

“You can live a life without mistakes, and if you can travel back in time, you can correct any. Haven’t you wanted to change the past, or give your younger self, information?”


“Well, we are close to the biggest breakthrough, but you are about to allow your biological imperative to make decisions for you. How does it feel to be just like every man? You are willing to jeopardize your work, for love.


“Fool. Dax, what do you think?” The female husky stared at us through electric blue eyes. She put her nose in my crouch.

“Exactly!” Even Dax knows you are thinking with the wrong head. Why did you name her Dax, anyway?”

“We thought she was a boy—turned out she was a girl.”

“What about fixing her name?”

“I don’t believe in correcting mistakes.”

“Then how can you learn from them?”

“You have to live with them—is there any better way?”

To be continued…

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