a day is more than 24 hours

if you let it be

and when I say, “let it be.”

I mean, leave it alone.

Most people can’t do this

they need constant distractions

they can’t take the agony

of sitting still in a quiet room.

I watch the sun rise

the red, and yellow, and shadows.

a Wood

is magical

when the orange

shines through the green

casting rays and beams

like the light is fishing

in the earth

for something, hidden.

I see Treasure Island Trees.


turns ordinary

into extraordinary.

When I was a boy

I dug random holes

because I believed

gold was buried under


Your perception is controlled by influence

Adults watch the News

and get angry

they talk to their friends

and get jealous

their point of view

is limited

they don’t have any peripheries

where the magic happens

out of the corners of their consciousness.

I’ve spent five days alone


in my own imagination

far away

from knowledge, sight, and belief

Only pure imagination

opens doors

into other worlds

there’s a reason, children are the only ones who gain access

to magic

they see what isn’t there

they don’t understand adult conversations

about anger

and ideals

Adult talk

is full of judgement

about conforming to a standard

about being like everybody else.

Five days alone

and I’m a child, again

with no ambition

only a desire to discover something hidden

to watch the light

go down

to read friends

who died

to pay attention

to the length of a day.

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