it’s always dangerous to let people know

the real you

I do this inadvertently, with my sense of humor

bits of comedy, inspired by the truth

and who knows if I’m deluded

but I think most people are curious about me.

they wonder why I don’t join in their conversations

even though, I do enjoy watercooler talk, more than the average joe

watercooler talk, is an art

you have to say something interesting, but innocuous


yet simple, in order that people don’t have to think.

it’s the art of superficial humor, without talking about yourself

like I’m doing now.

If you don’t join in conversations, or put in the time

or make sense to people

you’re liable to get shunned

Being shunned is a blessing…

However, I do worry about the meanness of the world

If average people are this mean

what about the above average sadists—the gifted geniuses of pain?

No bother, I’m in heaven now.

Today, I’ve been fasting and losing weight

I drank 300 calories

I believe eating good food is necessary for good art

fasting though, is a spiritual exercise, and writing is in the same vein

I can’t write, if I don’t eat. If I eat too much, I get brain fog, and fall asleep

My creativity is a science…

I’ve been taking vitamins to write better

I go for short runs to get oxygen to my brain

I even think about planning adventures, to write about

but when I become machine-like, my writing is dull.

thinking should inspire writing, and not the other way around

I have a few good ideas for short stories, but with the short story, I have to want to write it

a good idea is not enough

life is about balance, and I’m always out of balance

strange, though

when I have endless free-time, I struggle to write

when my time is full

I’m fighting to write one more line

Life is better when you have to fight for it

As I lose the pounds, I feel like I’m losing myself

I’m out of balance

lighter, than before

and that’s why I’m writing.

7 thoughts on “And that’s why I’m writing…

  1. I really resonate with showing the real you and the hesitance, the danger in that. There’s always that fear that lingers. Sometimes, I think I’m good at small talk until I realize I’m really not. If all else fails and I’m finally let alone, there’s always writing to turn to. 😂 I find this evocative to me and extremely beautiful in description. Very well-written!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Lucy! I’m so glad my writing resonates with you, and I’m not the only one who feels this way. I think it’s true, we read so that we aren’t alone. I have been reading my favorite writers, lately. I have been staying away from people, and spending time with my friends in literature. It’s good to take a break from humanity, from time to time. Your words make me want to keep writing… there is nothing better, than when someone gives you fuel! You made my day. 🙂

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      1. I have been sharing what life is like living with a brain injury. When not much happens I lack material to write about. When things go sideways I have lots of thoughts streaming and swirling around in my head. That’s when writing becomes a wonderful outlet for me and hopefully helpful information for those who read. Reduces my risk of getting discouraged.
        Boredom is the opposite of living.

        Liked by 1 person

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