I admire men with obsessions

and I dislike men with causes

the difference being

causes constrain

and obsessions are explosions

expanding narcissistic passion

“But it’s bad to be a narcissist,” you might say

it’s far worse to have a cause, to believe you are right, and insist others are wrong

this is okay, I guess…

I believe most people are wrong, but I don’t tell them

and the problem is, people with causes don’t stop there

they want to make others pay

with their time, and money

and most of all…

their freedom.

Those with narcissistic passion—or obsession, for lack of a better word

have something to live for

it’s like their own self-created religion

that saves them

Some would call it a distraction,

because they aren’t progressing like everyone else

My highest value


Show me a man, who loves what he does

and he is a genius of leisure.

I’ve met several men like this, on the golf course

they love being there

they talk a certain way

about women

about all things, that aren’t okay

in the offices of the world.

Show me a man obsessed with money and what it can do

and I will show you the most competitive, soulless, lifeless suit.

Show me a man who takes the time to appreciate a place, cherry cigar smoke

dancing through the Maple Trees, amidst the smell of sand, and fresh cut grass

drunken laughter, and the sound of golf shots

and I will show you a genius.


is for those who trade their relationships for better ones

for people who upgrade, constantly

they don’t know how to love…

not the character in a car

instead, they get a new one.

After 20 years, I have to put my car down

I just can’t keep paying the medical bills

for new parts

and pretty soon

the car is more new, than old.

I guess all places worth saving die in this way

buildings get renovated

patrons, are too old to play

your friends die

the nubbies think, this place is a dump

change, is time

but we remember…

the Past

in our minds.

All great men are lovers

and they give, more than they take

they are at home, at the racetrack

they learn the horses

obsession is their science

women can be a science



if you love, your day is beautiful

and the test of your love, is your willingness to do it

despite hangovers, sleep deprivation, and a slump, with no chance.

You won’t consider not doing it

and most people, looking on

see madness.

I see genius, in the man who loves.

I see genius in the man who loves, an unlovable woman.

Your love is redemption

you aren’t trying to change the world

you are trying to be part of it

to love it

to worship the earth—

who has brought all these beautiful obsessions into being

desserts, cultural foods, movies, golf courses

hundreds of years of books

a million things

to love

Why save the world

when it will save you

each day

if you let it?

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