in a hot box

where I was

last summer

striving to understand

what no human, knows

fasting, and praying

for redemption

this bag of bones

wants to live

before being

neatly tucked


To discover a value

uniquely my own

and be that value

in every breath.

My character is born

in each moment

not the big decisions

but the small

to transform the beast within

and control it

like a lion tamer



in my own inadequacy

a strong mind

becomes weak

a young body becomes old

in our later years

we remember the height of our power, imperfectly

in weakness

we know who we are

and what matters

in isolation

people matter

Still, I strive to be unappreciated in my time

not to appeal to reason

to win an argument

not to join the mob of emotion

to be accepted

To be a genuine, good person

and by good, to seek knowledge

as the ultimate goal.

It seems that all human behavior has a social end

even the artist

wants to influence

to gain a following


I don’t know


Perhaps, Power.

What is the purpose of being beyond being

when our bodies are tied to this terrestrial earth?

The knowledge of men who came before

speak, calming consultation to me

closer, than a close friend

the intangibles make more sense

they satisfy me

though, I don’t know why

wisdom, will pass away

We cannot hide

So, choose a value

a Way

to Live your Life.

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