The purpose of Art

is to connect people

like unplugged

scattered wires.

the artist

is neglected


they create something

that matters

left alone

because they prefer it that way


to join the status quo.

they are always outsiders

used to the outside

to the cold looks

and tormented souls

who express their lack of trust

with hollow laughter.

the test of the artist

it to become an insider

for a moment

to be accepted

because of their art

and then inevitably, rejected

by creating something controversial.

don’t give the people what they want

but what they need

Show them something

they have never seen before

that is the artist

the outcast

the savior

the true creator


and then hated

mostly, misunderstood.

the artist does their own art

to save their own ass

risking rejection

is small worry

compared to the fear

of never doing it.

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