will add and subtract from your life

like an equation of lost and found feelings

You will lose passions

and then

you will rediscover them

until your personality adds up to something you can appreciate.

A one-dimensional dot is not beautiful

a straight line will take you somewhere

a three-dimensional picture of personality offers depth

time travel is possible

when you integrate your past with your future

You see order from disorder

Your past makes no sense to friends and loved ones

their type of psychoanalysis would render you insane

as you add and subtract

your mathematical equation

for meaning

you compose the rhythm of your life

it’s not the drumbeat of mediocrity

or the composition of the culture

All aspects of your aesthetic become art

your unwashed dishes

and unmade bed


to different priorities

Your clothes are not an expression of someone else’s standard

because you dress for something else—

for occasions that meet your aesthetic

Not to blend in like a chameleon

but to dominate

by expressing defiance

with a suit of armor, you put on

when you are going to war

at the office.

When your imagination

meets passion, meets reality

Art is a weapon.

Aesthetics, are more than just beautiful

they symbolize the types of change going-on beneath the surface of your beauty

to say that beauty is only skin deep

is to fail to recognize the character of a face

the intensity of the eyes

and the prominence of a nose

the suit

every superhero wears

before they do something

is just as important as what they do.

Your life can be beautiful

if you pair beauty with thought—

then all actions become an expression of your art.

4 thoughts on “On the Importance of Aesthetics

  1. I love the way you transitioned this poem from time as your future and past blend to make you who you are. Then, you take us through to the way one dresses as an expression of personality and art. Good job.

    Liked by 1 person

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