Dressed in clothes that don’t fit me

Dressed in a uniform, I don’t understand

Dressed in a suit that does not suit me

How does a man

open himself to style?

As one gets closer to it

one feels this free-flowing energy.

In the darkness, undefined things, drop

where there is much sadness and misery.

Imagination, pulls action, like a spear-gun, underwater

dangerous, in the deep-blue

where your style, is not trapped

behind glass, but free-flowing


like the sea anemone, dancing, with the ocean currents

not talking about the past

not planning for the future

it is like your body

more intelligent

than your desire

like the unplanned adventure

like the setting sun

you chase

so the day

never ends.

A magical place

where time stands still

so you can discover

your style.

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