Out of some desperation

we start to form our idol

and the idol is not of some celebrity, but the shapes we want to be

it can’t be cut from a reaction to authority

it may not stand the test of time

some will call it cut stone, and only cut stone

but you grow to love the carefully trimmed shoulders, the powerful legs, the chin that can take a thousand jabs

and still be strong

a face of defiance

that is not a pure reflection of its influences, but shaped by its own thought

an ideal man.

As these ideals are cut, they shape and change, the real man

and the universe is bent around his will

He is a force

that brings ideas into being

His subtlety of action

can’t be copied

even though he eats, sleeps, and goes to a common job.

Out of the ground

grows a mighty oak tree

Out of the fire

new buildings rise

the idol is not shaped by circumstance

but by

his determined eye

it sees what should be there

and it cuts stone

before tools are applied.

the masses worship authorities

that do not recognize their own

they demand offerings

and they are not cut from stone

they are cut from mutilated lives

who mutilate themselves

because their idols



there is no self left

only a blindly obedient corpse.

the stone-cutter works in secret

away from critics, who love to evaluate perfection.

He will be influenced

by the power of his own mind

by the power of his own will

by the power to make something


that he will worship in secret.

6 thoughts on “Idol Worship

    1. Hi JYP, thanks for reading! In this context, I mean we can shape ourselves with a vision, beyond convention. I do believe, man needs to believe in something bigger than himself to become something bigger. The title is provocative, and yet, we need a vision beyond ourselves. Best! -Intellectual Shaman


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