A genuine emotion


a negative emotion

is better

than trying to feel

when you don’t feel



We go through periods of drought

it’s not total peace that does this

but wanting something when the time isn’t right

there are writers who make waves in their mind

and there are writers who have to wait for the wind

in their no mind.

When we don’t need a release

we wonder what to do.

We can read other writers

but this is about as real, as trying to have a good time when we don’t want to.

Boredom, is inevitable

the state before boredom

is usually prolonged relaxation

but sometimes, it can strike

like a lightning bolt

without thunder

and we are gone.

I have started more addictions

from boredom

than total stress.

Addictions, are just a replacement for feelings

and when we don’t feel anything

we desperately need to

there are people who are trying not to feel

only because they feel too much

hurt by relationships

hurt by disappointments

hurt by the cruelty of the world.

I prefer the hurt, to the boredom, now

feelings are a gift

fighting with a lover

making up with her

making out with her

making a life, that means something.

Most of what we feel is manufactured

so we can escape

the reality of our own desert


from the false oasis

this mirage will keep us lost and thirsty

the people you hate

seldom think about you

the poison you drink

will kill you

it’s an addiction

that isn’t real

making it impossible to feel

and anger is the addiction of the world.

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