His silver sunglasses flashed in the sun, shining on citizens who wouldn’t dare break the law. Was he human? Nobody knew, and if they followed the traffic laws, he would stand still, with his blue uniform and black cap, and polished boots, the color of blood, waiting…

Johnny didn’t hold his breath—a dangerous thing to do—because the machines knew, who was afraid and who wasn’t. Those without fear, were marked. Johnny didn’t watch the news. He didn’t watch TV, the smart watch, or the smart phone. Stupid people needed smart things. Johnny watched the cop, daring him to move. Was he human? His hand popped the button of his Billy-club. Johnny stood still, like a man staring at a cobra, gazing into its eyes, with no eyes, and the head moved.

“Can I help you, son?”

“Which way to the city library?”

“You look underage. How old are you?

“21, since last August.”

“In a hurry, then…? It’s on Washington. When you get there, they’ll start you out with the cat books.”

“Thank you, officer.”

“Why do you want to read?”

“Thank you, officer.”

Johnny turned his back, walking to the place he had wanted to go since he learned people put their ideas in books, and these ideas were centuries away from the ones he heard every day.

People still had their rights, but those who exercised them were watched. And if they checked-out the wrong book, they became dangerous. The government knew it couldn’t ban books, or guns, or cigarettes, or alcohol, so it used fear to control the few—those few, who wanted to feed themselves. The rest, were men made into machines, like the cop on the corner.

To be continued…

3 thoughts on “Cop Corner

  1. Very interesting…I will be watching for the next installment. Hope I don’t miss it. I follow a lot of blogs, and some posts slip past me.

    Liked by 1 person

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