What have we gained

at the end of the day

but our right

to rest? -Intellectual Shaman

I listen to the conversations go by


all matter of unimportant things


in their own little worlds


the bigger one

they are walking down.

I don’t blame them

most people never escape their own.

My world

is a warm green bench

at the end of the day.

I lay down and look at my new favorite tree

the leaves are green and yellow

the crescent moon is white

in the blue sky

the sun is bright

and the birds don’t chirp in harmony.

If I’m going to do something

it will have to be as perfect as that warm green bench at the end of the day

to all worlds left

and forgotten

to the seasons that change

I am the same.

There is great opportunity for laughter

when the world opens up

I close my eyes

and see red

I tighten them

and see the universe.

I open my eyes

and gradually see

the beautiful world

right in front of me.


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