I wonder if people know

what their conversations are—

not gusts of insignificant words

but powerful statements

that reverberate

for a lifetime.

How can we spend our lives

like inflated money

without value?

If you say

the words of another

that you don’t believe in

because you are silenced, if you speak your own

it is as if, you were never there—

being removed from existence.

Expression, is gone.

The one who plays the orchestra

is being played.

Most players, are willing players

participating, in a sound, that is not their own

judged, by their precision

and not their soul

no noise is genuine

just noise

for the purpose of perfect

but perfect, is a sound nobody wants to hear

and nobody wants to play.

If you leave the stage

with your body contorting


because it couldn’t say

what it needed to say

you know, something is wrong—

it could be, your whole life is wrong.

You don’t exist

And you teach others

they don’t exist.

You don’t know your neighbor

And you don’t know your sound.

Your recording plays

without permission

Your performance

is a mistake.


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