Those who knew him, would say Gregson was a lover of excess, so the trick was to encourage equal excess in other areas to balance-out the extremes. This becomes difficult to manage. The average man can’t do it. He stays at the center of what’s common. Gregson was an outlier.

If anyone but God and the Father were witnessing what he was doing behind the Mastercraft, they would’ve classified it as a miracle. But God and the Father were not easily impressed. How can a man who is 250 pounds operate in the water like a pro? Like a smooth operator? Gregson could.

They were nearing Elephant Island, where the ocean carved a trunk into the rocks. Waves sounded like a screaming beast crashing against stone. Nobody went there; but the Father turned the boat into the shore anyway. Gregson glided to the sandy beach, coasting from the momentum, while a prehistoric tail tracked him, moving in, for the moveable feast.

“Gregson, watch your 6!” The Father shouted.

Gregson broke-off the skis, and trotted into shore before leviathan opened its jaws.

Every person has those moments when they nearly escape death. Gregson had done it more times than a 20-year-old cat, which would give him the luck of a 140-year-old man who hadn’t died yet. Cat’s have style, and so did Gregson. If you can cheat death in life, you can understand its meaning.

The Father jumped out of the boat and joined him on the shore.

“What are we doing here?” Gregson asked.

“It concerns your family jewels,” the Father said. “I’ve read enough books to know where the treasure is.”

Gregson felt exposed, for a moment, but he relaxed, knowing the Father loved God, and also women, though he had taken a vow chastity.

“If we enter the elephant’s skull, we will find precious stones, buried in its brains.”

“Whatever you say, Father.”

They hiked up the humid mountain, toward the elephant’s skull. On the way, Gregson noticed human skeletons along the path. This island was a safe-haven for pirates 200 years ago, and drug dealers today. Gregson knew, only too well, if they saw you, they would shoot you on sight. There was more cocaine buried on this island than treasure. It was paradise island for the cartel.  The Father was leaving Gregson in the dust because he was in perfect condition. If you love God, you’re less likely to over-eat. Somehow, following God allows you to enjoy an invisible feast; a spiritual one, that does not gratify the flesh. Gregson loved himself, and so he ate all the time.

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