I don’t need to participate

in the politics

of what people think.

It’s only their programmed prejudice.

I don’t need great wealth

only time to myself.

I don’t need to be the best

I just need to know

what I’m trying to do.

The simplest path

is the one for me

It’s the one I’m walking down.

I stopped trying

for other things

and the peace I have

is better than the false promises

of the world.


is found

where people don’t go

in the things

people don’t understand.

I visit them

and they make sense to me

but only me

and in time

the world may even pity me

but that’s only because

what I want

is not understood by the world

and I’m thankful for this lack of understanding

because it proves

what I have

is entirely

my own.


21 thoughts on “What I Alone, Understand

  1. Excellent poem! I would like to reblog it on my blog “Sometimes.” In fact I like it so much I am thinking of printing it out and hanging it on my wall as “My Manifesto.” You must have been reading my mind…:-)

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      1. Well, I am a grandma too. Back in the dark ages I needed an aka name for AOL or whatever, I was a grad student at the time AND a grandma. Lots of people thinks its “grandma2011” that’s ok.

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