A man ought to do what feels right

and leave the rest

to chance.


Not to be liked…

there is freedom in that.

This is not to say

a man should be mean

there is no freedom in that.

People will condescend

and say, “Nobody likes you.”

Or, if they don’t feel so bold

they will try to use

the crowd

to control you

and when that doesn’t work

they can’t look at you


what they really wanted

was control.

Most relationships

are about unspoken control

and when one of the unspoken rules is violated

you can expect


and the temptation to say something

you don’t mean

to make the other person

feel secure.

This is a strong social force

Basically, so the other person

can have faith

in themselves.


The truly free individual has few friends

not because he needs them

but because his friends are willing to be his friends.

Giving to them

is gain.

People always take more than they give

With true friends

it doesn’t matter.


If your entertainment

is yourself

you will never be bored

and if boredom happens

it’s accepted, as a necessary state

like the doldrums

before the storm.



Most people don’t recognize their own

They need someone else’s authority

to react to

and by so doing

they think

they are free.


Ambition can get you into trouble

but without it

you can’t go anywhere.


Successful people


stop working

because inspiration comes from inactivity.

You can’t force creativity.


When I’m giving advice to a close friend

all I’m doing

is reinforcing what I think

and what I believe.

It’s comforting to know that I hold the high ground

while I survey

all of his problems

and give him directions

from my unaffected

lofty position

of superiority

like a general

in the Revolutionary War

gazing at his troops

through a spy-glass

while they get slaughtered in battle.

Then I calmly calculate

whether it’s a loss

or a victory.


Many things masquerade as freedom



and wanton


but nothing more pernicious

than power.


give up their power

for a position

of power

Then they answer to men with more power

who have less mercy.


My boss gives me criticism

then she gives me praise

I tell her, “Just give me the criticism. I don’t want to be controlled.”


is all a man needs.

When a man is positively reinforced

he becomes a boy.


There is something unnatural


the end-of-the-school-year


they are filled with co-workers

pretending to have a good time.

They are being paid

to have a good time.

I would rather work at work

and have a good time

when I’m actually having a good time.

Being paid

to have fun

is the surest way

to die



What they meant for evil

You turn to good.

They offer insincere help

that never comes

while they smile



Less opportunities, means…

more free time.

They don’t know,

you know.

They don’t know,

you have something better to do

with your time.

Be careful with

what someone else gives you.

Be careful with

what you ask for;

it may take

from you.


when you are given


Smile, inside.

Never let them know

you know.

They will win

but you will always win bigger

These types of victories

make you free.


Avoid superstition

at your own peril.


I listened to the band teacher…

“My kids aren’t turning in their assignments.”

“You hand-out homework?” I asked.

“It’s digital; they just record themselves, but they don’t even do that.”

“I understand,” I said. “I would be out in the sun, if I was a kid.”

“But you got a Doctorate; I would think you were a good student.”

“Not really… I went to school as little as possible, and perhaps…

that’s how I got through so much. You have to pace yourself, and stay in the system, to beat the system.

Don’t give up entirely



but never 100%

and you can do amazing things with your life.”

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