What knowledge is worth knowing?

Not useless words

in a phone book

Not expectations from a job

from parents

from fools

from ambitious newscasters

Maybe, God

if I become like God

the ultimate creator.

Life and Death will tremble to take me

when they hear my thunder clap.

Ignorance looks at greatness

and knows it’s great.

I want to be that painting

that sculpture

that word

that can’t be forgotten.

There are a thousand things

I freely


I can’t be everything

to everyone

I can’t be a smile

in an unwanted conversation.

I can’t be 14 definitions in a dictionary

only one, the one, I give myself.

The mass of men

are only dust

blowing in the wind

scattered on a sea shore

and shaped by circumstance,

waves of their wanting

washed away.

I will be


A speck of sand

in time

grating against the flesh of humanity

creating pearls

from pain

crushing want

with fire

true desire

turning tides

of the timeless war

shaping the ocean

of emotion

and moving mountains

with faith.


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