I prefer my life

in pieces


from the whole

a great mystery

I can’t solve


empty spaces


because it’s never going to be.

A fractured life

is fulfilling

because the game can’t be won

there are always squares

that won’t fit

that can’t fit

and rather than trying to make a perfect picture

with what I have left

I’ll enjoy playing

this game

that can’t be won.

Whomever created it

must know

I want the whole world

or nothing

and since I’m not going to get the whole world

and I’m sure to get something

I’m not going to try to make my life


or even

as good as I can

What is the point?

An imperfect life

that can’t be solved

is more interesting

than getting

all the pieces just right

in the right amount of time

Maybe this is defeatist

because I have

a few pieces missing

but I like the game more

because of that.


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