A man dreams

about what he can’t have

and sometimes

he gets what he dreams about

and the dream dies

and the man dies.

A young man

dreams about older women

because all the young women

are too young.

I desired women at 12

was tortured by women at 22

and gave up on women at 32.

The dream is a mystery

and slowly revealed

by time.

You can’t know life at 12

but strangely,

you are most alive

at 12

because you have dreams.

At 32

dreams start to be forgotten

but there still hasn’t been enough time

for regrets to take their place.

When you have a shot

you have a chance to dream.

Even if a man says he has entirely given up on women at 32

he still holds hope in his mind.

Even if a man is doing what he doesn’t want to do

at 32

He still believes there might be a shot

He sees

all the bad roads

he could walk down

He sees

all the bad women

at 32

blue hair




make babies, syndrome

Women say, “Shoot, I’m 32. Where is a man? I need a man.”

Sorry, lady. At 32, the dream is only a sliver of hope

it has festered


and pain



and make the dream

a nightmare.

“I’m sorry for you,

at 32

but no amount of pleading


or threatening words

will make me

love you.”

At 32, you take

what men

freely gave you

at 22

and taking

is all you can do.

It’s not what you really want

You want a man to love you

but the man is tired

tired of disrespect

He would rather live in the desert

than under your roof

He seeks peace

You want to leave him in pieces

Your life is in pieces

You want him to love you

but the men have gone their own way

to commune with higher things

to learn what the sky says

to gain wisdom

from the stars

to be free

at the corners of the world

to be far

and near

to themselves.


is all a man needs

but look at our society

blaming men

teaching men

to hate themselves

He bears a burden

that crushes

his soul.

Learn how to make a man

feel like a man

and he will lay-down

his life for you.

It could be

at 32

you have a man who loves you.

You are the few

Respect him

don’t agree with lost women

who believe

he is lucky

to have you.

You are fortunate

to have him.

He will walk into death

for you

before he stands still

So, stand with him

while you can.

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