I am a selfish man

so, I consider it a blessing

that fate, or god, or some randomness

put a good friend

in my path.

In my self-centered world

I like what I like

and I like my friend

I find him most interesting.

I am able to share my selfish moments with him

and he appreciates my company.

There is nothing better

than having a close friend

who challenges you

who annoys you

who appreciates you

despite your selfishness

and in the end

you are better off

for it.

We went to the bookstore together

and we went to the mall

We went to his other friend’s house

and we went to the beach.


I would have said

“The day was an entire waste.”

But because I am going places with my friend

nothing we do is a waste.

I can’t define what that is

Nothing productive comes from spending time with a person

but they are the richest moments in life.

I suppose the same is true when you meet a girl

that you want to spend time with.

I look at guys with girls

and it looks like they are butterflies

dancing about

in the wind

on a sunny day.

They aren’t doing anything

or having interesting conversations

They just enjoy spending time with each other

It’s good to get outside of your head

to stop thinking about the great thing

you will do or won’t do

and spend time with the flowers

Spot a beautiful butterfly

who enjoys spending time

with you.

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