there is unbelievable pain

in this world

and unbelievable ecstasy

if you know where to find it

there is subtle pleasure

when you do

it’s as simple as finding a crock of gold

in the woods

with no strings attached

People can’t see the gold

because it’s invisible

so, if you can

you have leprechaun eyes.

People who can’t see treasure

won’t understand your enthusiasm

This is the way of the world

One should not try to force understanding.

People who pick stocks in the market

and do it well

might advise someone else

to do it

But someone else might say, “it’s only gambling.”

they might be right

it doesn’t stop the gambler, though

from seeing things

that aren’t there

his dream becomes a reality.

A philosopher spends time with wisdom

and it comes from watching nature

it comes from studying literature

absorbing language into his bones


what isn’t memorized.

Why pursue philosophy

if you can be a gambler?

There is so much, unseen.


is the greatest power—

turning something bad

into something good.

When you do this

you can’t lose.

Your time is not money

it’s priceless.

Your judgements

are only judgements

based on what you don’t know.

Fortune smiles favorably on those

who don’t need it.

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