You can’t order who you want to be

from a catalogue

or perhaps, you can

if it’s metaphysical


and it doesn’t sell you things.

Good News!

I arrived, last night

like a lost plane

out of gas

drifting on thermals

in a nose dive.

I landed

without a manual

without instructions

without air-traffic control

It was instinct.

I’ve got both feet on the ground


It feels good

not to be floating

like a sea captain

who discovers

a new land.

These discoveries

can’t be ordered

or given.

They come

when we change.

Invisible, to us

even though, other people can see them—

one of the few things

that still impresses me

about the human race.

People recognize when a man has two feet on the ground

even though

he’s been walking around

for decades.


the cats that listen

and say they’re good listeners

are scared


because the mouse has invisible muscles.

They recognize

no matter how many words are spoken

the male mouse

doesn’t say

what the pussy wants to hear.

Scaredy-Cat tries to figure things out

but the metaphysical



is an enigma

a code

the cat finds fascinating.

She wants the secret cipher

the key

to unlock her prey

but the lock

only opens with magic

not with the spoken word

that can be heard

but a presence


of the truth


at the right moment.

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