the girls

are in the bars

at night


in bad company

the men

fight for more

where they can’t get


the taking

and the lack of love

crying out





the old men

don’t have families

the old women

talk to old women

there is unspoken disappointment

in the human race

where the old world

gets older

and some people can’t wait to leave.

I only have so much time left

it’s an invisible number

and I doubt many would feel satisfied

with 24 hours…

How can we say

life is worthwhile

when it ends?

If you can answer that question

you have something


don’t have.

For me

there is satisfaction

in figuring things out

Not to be their master

but to know

life and death

when they happen.

You can only know life

if you accept death

and you can only know death

if you accept life.

Many have stopped trying to do either

which is like sitting

in a crowded bar

among strangers

not talking to them.


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