We are all moving towards something

if you sit really quiet-like

you can feel a pull

to do something

it’s an urge

for meaning


an unconscious



I’ve talked to so many young guys

and a few high-powered women

the guys all want to get laid

or get married

and then get laid

they have good jobs

but they want better jobs

so, they can get laid.

I’ve always wanted freedom

the high-powered job

is not freedom

your time, energy, and above all…

your mind

are consumed with tasks


and not smiled on.

You might be able to afford the cars, and the women

but the women

will be high-powered—

a social status trap

far away

from your fantasy

of who you want to be

it only takes a couple of years

to put on weight

and have a mind

that is not your own

it thinks about the job

it thinks about what other people have

it wonders why it never became

sexy, cool, and confident in the world

I have this idea

that has never worked

it’s a theory, I might give my life to

but it has madness in it

Rather than giving my mind to a job description

that’s too boring to read through

or a high-powered woman

who will insist, we climb higher

I’ll try to make my fantasies

a reality

by doing NOTHING.

If one indulges their desire

they lose their desire

if one indulges their appetite

they lose their appetite

if one trades their life for more

they will lose it

Can the fantasies inside my mind

make me who I want to be?

And what if I wait on ambition

listening to ambitious minds


about promotions

and how much money they will make an hour

“If I could just get that job, my life would be sorted out…” I heard someone say, yesterday.

I have this theory

that the man who holds himself together

with his own mind

and doesn’t let anything slip out

will become greater

each day

it’s not to be gambled or sold

You can’t put a price on this value

and the world envies what it can’t have

You become a leader

with exceptional power


by those who would offer you a better position

when you say “NO”

when you say “NO”

when you say “NO”

there is no better way

to get closer to God.

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