Most of us are pretending

to be,

acting, really!

It’s okay to act

but once you’ve tried-on several people

who aren’t you

your character becomes stale

a multiple personality

without the craziness.

Craziness lends legitimacy.

People can accept that.

A crazy person


if they are truly crazy.

It is crazy to trade the company of others

for the company of yourself (According to Society).

Be careful

when trading Money

for your own value.


a philosopher’s soul food

that sours

on your lips

because it went bad

years ago.


that isn’t your own

has been


regurgitated, too often.


Speak words

that belong to you

the university has pretend philosophers

and the corporation has pretend leaders

they package and sell

company philosophy

and believe all philosophies

that don’t sell

to be useless

meant for the dumpster

out back

where the truly crazy

buy it

with their own time

by sacrificing


that pretend people want

money, fame, status, and prestige

for meaningful garbage.

Pretend People

want to be successful

and they will trade

what is valuable

for what someone says

is valuable.

They trade their philosophy

for the company slogan

that declares

they matter

and the future

is theirs

but when those words don’t work

to motivate,

pretend people are tossed

and forgotten

because they are replaceable

like people

who forgot

their philosophy.


2 thoughts on “Pretend People Need REAL Philosophy

  1. We spend too much time changing ourselves to give a good impression. Sorry, it really needs to be (as they say in Yorkshire), “ what you see is what you get”.

    I’ve spend my life being inextricably me. So why should I be someone else.

    Try it, it’s crazy, but it’s fun.

    Liked by 1 person

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