I wish I could take advice

but I prefer to wish…

and the wishes I make

take me far away.

I’m discovering why I do things—

the real reasons

only I know.

It’s a mystery

that unravels.

Few people care


have adequate theories.

We gain meaning

when we decide

the secrets that matter.

You can tell someone why you do things

and they will say…

“No, you’re wrong. This is why…”

Being figured out

by a contradiction

is worse

than your own self-opinion.

I could never trust my parent’s advice

but now I know


more or less


It’s impossible to accept


when you aren’t ready for it

So, let a fool

find out

from his foolishness

the man

who loves to eat

grows fatter

I look into the mirror

it doesn’t lie


my own


A wise man does not try to be superior

because there is no middle


or top

His chess skills

don’t qualify him to lead an army

even if

it’s tempting

to believe.


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