I find myself in the waiting state of mind

where boredom creeps in

like a thief.

I spend most of my time


in the Boring State

where it’s crowded

where most people

don’t recognize their neighbors.

I watch them

walking and talking

in their own little worlds

where death happens

while we’re living.

My neighbors say everything


they speak in code

even though

I understand.

I wonder if they know

what they’re saying

while not saying it.

I’m glad I figured out

what living is

I did it

on my own.

It’s being able to take it

or leave it


and soon I’ll shift into the Doing State

where the empty road

reaches for the sunset

where the sun rises

and the sun


whether or not we chase it.

Neighbors come

and neighbors go

Life happens

with your will

or without it

Best to let it be

let your mind clear,

like a clear blue sky


attached, to nothing

like birds, unattached to air

like white puffy clouds

morphing into

gods and dragons.


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