People are always trying to tell me what’s meaningful…

an education




but none of these are on my list

survival is.

I got an education

because I couldn’t figure out

how to avoid working.

I needed to escape

the job.

When I left

for no job

my boss said, “Why are you leaving, when you could be making bucks?”

I had money


and my plan

was to save


There was nothing I could buy,

that was worth three more months

there was nothing I could add to my life

to become completely whole

the most difficult hurdle to overcome

is not to jump

not to argue

not to be right

not to win.

By default

this makes you a loser

in a game

you don’t want to play

but there are alternatives

to losing…

you can play your own game.

You will know when you have discovered it

You will be able to appreciate your life

You won’t sacrifice it

for anything

in a world that demands

human sacrifice

for war

for politics

for religion

for work.

It’s easy to trade something

that you never had.

Discover your life

while you have it.

There is no better feeling

than that.


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