What do you do

when you have too much joy

in a job interview?

You have joy


nothing you add to your life

will make it better.

Job interviews are so unnatural

I bore myself

talking about myself.

I feel sorry for the panel of evaluators

I wouldn’t hire me

it’s just too boring, to hire someone

I guess, being able to tell someone they didn’t get the job

is a bit exciting

it reinforces the belief that you have something

that someone else wants

and you can feel special

by giving it to a special person

and denying it

to most of the people who apply.

They said, “thank you for your time, and we want to respect your time”

but I was having a great time

and in my experience, nobody really respects anyone’s time

5 minutes of your time, is always a half-hour

the world doesn’t care

but because we live in an uncaring world

it creates unique opportunities…

If you can get people to care

or maybe they don’t care

but you still get what you want

because you don’t really want it

it is more of a spiritual experiment

to test your magnetism

or a complete mind f**k.

What is more satisfying…


a sycophantic admirer

or indifferent robots?

Who will fall in love with your life force?

I talk too much…

I bore myself, asking questions that I don’t care about

I read all of the head-researcher’s research

before the interview

and it was boring

the online advice told me to ask one interesting follow-up question

but I could not be genuine or sincere, in one question

as I get older, people become more boring, as they get older

something happens to their mechanism, inside

the gears get locked up

everybody becomes the same

standards and job performance

make people neurotic

I’m surprised I even get job interviews, anymore

My attitude is so far away from the masses

it’s a wonder

they consider me one of their own

when you don’t say the right things

and you close your eyes when you talk

and you dress how you feel

and you tell stories, instead of facts

professional people know there is something wrong…

Perhaps, when the gravity of your true heart takes over

you become poor, in the world

because you have a rich, unlimited gold mine, inside

where you spend all day

with glittering eyes

and joyful love


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