Life has something to teach you

and if it warps you

you’re probably a good student

most students don’t learn

they hate the school of life

they hate the idea that there might be patterns

Patterns never make a perfect picture

they create this haze of incongruity

a poor patchwork quilt that somebody forgot to finish

I hate teaching

but I love being a student


because teaching rarely offers any insights

you’re so busy talking

and communicating

that the part of the mind responsible for survival

shuts off

I’m a survivor

I always have been

I am searching for a way to keep my body alive

my spirit alive

my mind working

so that it can solve the problems before they happen

so that I can stay out of the traps

so I know how to respond to stress

and religious doctrines

and 9 to 5 jobs

and parents

and siblings

and women

and bosses

and disagreeable coworkers who have boring lives punctuated by question marks and colons

where their crap pours out onto other people

I have found a way of looking at life

no longer seduced by honey

because it’s sticky

and it belongs to insects that sting

I have been careful in my decisions

and I usually cut-off every option

because I realize it’s almost all bad

for me

Few people realize the “for me,” part

they think… because other people are doing it

they should do it

what morons

how miserable they must be

I can see a problem a mile away

but they’re usually within 6 feet

I don’t hate humanity

I just keep my respectful distance

I even give to charity

but I never give a charity organization my contact information

Basically, the more you can do without

and live your life

the better chance you have of being happy

let the woman who collects problems, the way she collects kids, get the promotion, and advance

into the miserable swamp of prestige

How will you account for your life and the time you wasted?

When someone suggests you need more

walk the other way

In fact,

the best philosophy a person can have

is to walk the other way

walk in the opposite direction of the crowds

pay attention to the stragglers

listen to them

ask them questions

they will most likely be subnormal

but a few of them might have something to say

be a student, MAN

be a student

never be a teacher

I know these two roles seem the same

but there’s a big difference

learn it

never stop learning it

it will save your life

and you will have a life

that’s all your own.

Know your life

while you have it

cherish it

don’t listen to anybody who says you shouldn’t

they don’t have a life

it belongs to someone else

it belongs to the world





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