you can get divided

into 55 pieces

like a chopped carrot

cut down the middle

and pealed of flesh—

a trimmed ingredient

for a much larger dish

because, who wants to eat carrots all day?

they turn people orange

a mild form of arguing

an orange blush

an unhealthy

Donald Trump color

the point about carrots

is, they’re supposed to be healthy

so, you should eat them

even though, you don’t want to.

I have a carrot curiosity about people

I don’t eat carrots all day

because, healthy spice

in a toxic meal

makes it taste good

and I appreciate that

like, when I become cold

and I climb into bed


that annoying person

that I can’t get away from

who always helps me



Some people want to eat carrots all day

because, it’s the healthy choice

but nobody can eat carrots for a lifetime

except Bugs Bunny

and unless you want to be a neurotic rabbit

I recommend

healthy spice

in your life.

You can know what you like

and you can like yourself

it’s true, the truth is pure

and a little truth

is a bunch of lies

but life is more interesting

with stories that aren’t real

religions can’t all be right

but I thank God

that people have faith

beyond flesh and blood

beyond, cut-up carrots

and we get to be

the spice in life

like a carrot crusade

for all the toxic meals

Unless, you want to eat carrots all day?

I sure don’t.


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