there are

impossible people

to get to know.

Some, are locked down

like the dead,

unable to talk.

Others, can’t stop talking

higher than kites

flying in unfriendly skies.

Some, are down to earth

watching the grass grow

content, just to keep watching.

Others, can’t see themselves

or don’t want to

while everyone

is watching.

the loud like the loud

the quiet like the quiet

opposites attract

because there’s a difference

but their relationship

is often


Why can’t we understand people?

It’s so difficult to get inside

7 billion

on the planet

and all we think of

is ourselves.

Am I too fat

or thin

am I…I…I… interesting


Am I right

or wrong

or just right

Do they think like me?

Which way is the wind blowing?

Why can’t I be me?

Why do I tell someone what they want to hear?

Why do I lose in the relationship?



is the key

and unlocking people

is the great mystery.

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