is rarely

what we think

it should be.

I read a story to some boys

who were less than

half alive.

I read the story

like it really happened,

but the teacher


on asking me questions

to be polite,

and the questions were about

how I made up the story.

The adult world


there is no magic.

Their lives suggest

a sad reality.

“A bug flew into my eye

on a bike-ride, and it spent the night there

then flew away,” I said.

“Mr. Johnson! Really! You shouldn’t make stuff up.”

“It happened;

I took it out in the morning

and who knows if it crawled off.”

The world insists on reality.


is for killing


and for that

they get a life sentence.

The best heist

is to steal back your life

and the best way to do that

is one minute

at a time.

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