I admire the people

who don’t do anything

it seems that people are


but much of what they do

is stupid

don’t get me wrong

some of it matters…

and you always know when you’ve exerted yourself

in the right way

it’s when you’ve helped someone

who needed it

but there are also annoying people who help others

who don’t need it

Most of the time

you’re killing yourself


until there’s no life left

it takes courage

not to do anything

to recognize the hopelessness

of it all

if you wait, and nothing happens

there might be some truth in that

it’s so easy to do what others do

and get caught up in their games

they can’t win

and you can’t win

You can spend decades

paying off a house

or never paying it off

the end is approaching

sooner than you think

Why not think

rather than do?

you might not do anything

you might be a loser

in a game

they say, “you have to play.”

but your identity isn’t in doing

it’s the one

you give yourself.


14 thoughts on “I admire the people…

  1. What a great idea to accept hopelessness and you are right, it takes courage to be able to still do what you can while realizing all the things you can’t

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      1. Yeah! The true battle is realizing our position in between complete individualism and the conformity of the collective. Also no problem, I am glad I was able to read it.

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    1. Well… reality is here. I can chose to believe what I want, but it doesn’t change reality. One of the rare feminists that I like to read is Ayn Rand. She said, “You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” Thanks for reading and commenting Christopher!!! We’re in this together! Life!

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      1. Doesn’t seem like we’re in it together. Sorry if I caused you any negative energy. I’m just looking for something real.

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