my imagination is an invisible sword

cutting into me

cutting other people


it might be real

hidden faces

awkward smiles

a trusting man

little secrets


to others

said wrong

I can walk into a room

and sense hostility


the temperature is rising

in many rooms

I have to be careful what I say


once a skillful gossip decides to get you

it’s all over

People are fundamental in their thinking

if they decide not to like you

they can find a million excuses

there’s nothing

you can do

it’s like the rage on the road





cut someone off


meaning to

There is power

in making others mad

There is power

in being invisible

There is power in humiliation

There is power in domination

People see what we have

People see what we don’t have

The trick is to be average

stay within

your body temperature

don’t get hot

don’t get cold

but this isn’t living

You have to be able to ride the waves

of their emotions

don’t fall off

and don’t drown

the ocean doesn’t care

it’s a churning death trap

Great men

stay up

They don’t surf

still ponds.


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