Every man is great in his own mind, in his own way. The plumber is the best plumber. The intellectual is the best intellectual. The psychologist is the best psychologist—in his own way. If he is friendless, he believes nobody can understand his lonely mind—a mind waiting for someone who can. If he is humiliated because of a mistake or some fault that is expressed at the wrong moment, he takes pleasure in hating his mockers who cannot appreciate his dormant ability.


The philosopher looks inside himself to change, whether or not the fault outside is his.


The world is unfair. There are plenty of people complaining about it. This is the way of the world, and not the way of the philosopher.


Greatness can be defined as the top of the pyramid, standing alone, recognized or not.

Social Value

When a man does great things, he knows it. He knows if he still has his soul or he has lost it. One could say the spiritual realm is subjective, little more than a passing feeling, but there are objective ways to measure greatness. Because man is an animal, he must take his cues as animals do. When the female is attracted to the male, there is a cue taken by the group. When earth values one of its members, it is recognizing the emergence of an eruption. Prior to that, it lay dormant, building, or not. Women desire value, and a man knows his value based on this criterion.

Female Sexual Attention

Men know where the affections of women are placed, and that man is held up to a higher place. Most will shy away from these sorts of men, immediately recognizing they are unworthy. With no female sexual attention, a man loses esteem. He wonders what makes some men attractive. The automatic conclusion is his body, so he works out incessantly, but still does not draw looks from women. He does not realize that a man is a spirit; his spirit is what attracts women. The world markets to man’s insecurities. So, he buys more and more things, but these symbols only show he can provide security to women, and women do not desire him sexually.

Dangerous Men

Why are dangerous men desired? Why are evil men, serial killers, cult leaders, and dictators attractive to women? They have a strong spirit. Women are attracted to strength, and the vast majority of muscular men who work out in gyms are not spiritually strong, and not attractive to women. They are spiritually insecure. They might get one woman, but they will never have a spirit that attracts hundreds. The reason being, they are shackled to the earth, and not spiritually free. Any one of them can be bought by a beautiful woman, money, power, or admiration. Men who defy laws and live by their own, are spiritually free. This type of dominance is obvious among men who take life, and guide others with their own spiritual philosophy—that philosophy which comes from within. But when men trade their spirit for what they want, their spirit is severely limited. The spirit of man is his seed. He must retain it, and not trade it, for the world.

Spiritual Things

So, the test of a man’s spirit is spiritual things; not what he can get, but what he can give. If you listen to men and their conversations when they become competitive, they talk of what they have; even a woman is something they possess, but really… man cannot possess anything. He is on the earth for only a short time. Then his body dissolves, and what he owns will be given away. Even his woman, will go on to another man. Why does he define himself by what he has?

The Spirit of Man

Man must devote himself to spiritual greatness. His purpose is not to worship women. He must turn away from the world that offers things that weaken his spirit. To understand spiritual things, and the things to focus on, man need only turn to the character of God. He must be a creator. All of his needs come from within. He has the ability to love unconditionally. He must exercise faith in himself and his enterprise. He takes joy in the works of his hands. He has peace from his philosophy. Man is patient with himself. He is kind—a model for other men. And above all else, he exercises self-control over his passions.


2 thoughts on “The Delusion of Greatness

  1. As u state, the spirit of man, men and women, is dissolved by the shiny things. It is dissolved in pieces so small that we don’t even notice and that’s the way our masters designed it. So we are all walking around broken though blissfully unaware and worse yet, happy in that void, continuing to remove anything that may be left and exchanging it for a new table.

    (Maybe this makes no sense and I’m the one unaware in my void as a pseudo-philosopher with a stupid smile on face)


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