should give your life


People are always buying clothes

something for every occasion

their cheap wardrobe

is outdated

like the clearance rack

at the second-hand store.

Better to have limited style

beautiful clothes

you enjoy


and colorful

out of place

And, when others say

“You’re out of place.”

Your clothes say, something about you

they are finer

than the man or woman

of every occasion

who never considers

not fitting in

your style

belongs to you

and not to



or places

don’t be the chameleon

in the jungle


you are different.

If you like your style

your clothes make a statement

even if,

you don’t want to say anything.

Society judges itself


it’s never smart enough

or in style


it seeks a standard

outside of itself.

Would I choose to be anonymous

a man in a quiet room

not talked about

or the focal point

of positive and negative


tearing at my clothes

with envy or praise?

I wear clothes I love

I operate by a logic that makes sense to me

the girls gossip

saying all manner of nasty things

turning the boys against me

even the odd independent

believes them

they’ve stopped being friendly

their eyes don’t smile

they’ve stopped inviting me

I’m constantly on their minds

“His clothes have no style.”


the old power pole

growing in the forest

covered in moss

and weathered like the trees.

Give nature time

and she will do her worst

but the invisible man knows

he once carried electricity

and he wants to



8 thoughts on “Life Style

  1. We are all involved in one style or another. Everyone’s fashion is different. When boys think about fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is hair. They value hair more than clothes. And the hair fashion is constantly being updated. The shape of one’s face depends on the body.

    Here are some of the famous hairstyles discussed …
    You sent April 17 at 11:39 PM
    Classic cut: –
    It includes the old style. This is an interesting style with Farman dress at work. Among the styles, the hair is styled on one side. These styles make middle-aged boys look attractive.
    Shortcut: –
    It is a popular style among teenagers. This style is used to shorten the hair on all sides and style it with hair gel. This is known as foreign undercut, some people call it cock cut.
    You sent April 17 at 11:39 PM
    Fed cut: –
    The style does not have hair on the back of the neck and above the ears. It involves cutting the back half of the head and one inch above the ear.

    Crew cut: –
    The hair on both sides is usually trimmed and cut at the back of the head. With it, the hairs from the bottom to the top become progressively bigger and slightly erect.
    You sent April 17 at 11:41 PM
    Layer Spike: –
    The layer spike is the most popular cut style. Through this the hair on the forehead is shortened and spiked. The upper hairs are relatively large. Basically the front hair is not too short or too big. But the back side is layer style.

    Long Hairstyles: –
    This style is shared by almost everyone. Most people prefer thick hair. If the hair is long, different styles can be styled in different ways on the two shoulders.


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