This book is written for the man who does not feel like a man. Perhaps, people have told you what a man is, but agreeing with them has not brought you closer to understanding yourself. The premise of this book suggests that man has forgotten who he is, and the “why?” is not so important as helping him to get back to who he might become. It is the writer’s belief that man can be optimized. He is a spiritual being made in the image of God and crippled by a culture that celebrates passions that weaken him. The notion of a “superman” is incorrect; man must know how he can get back to who he was originally meant to be. By society’s standards this will make any man who learns the principles in this book a “superman” revered and hated. Most won’t choose this path. So, what is the attraction of becoming a man? It is not to serve society. It is not to serve one’s self. But it is to devote one’s self to a purpose. This book is unorthodox. It will focus on great men of history, most of them being classically termed evil. This book does not wish to celebrate evil, but to help ordinary men understand why some evil men possess extraordinary powers. There are good men with power, but these examples run the risk of being clouded by the good character of these men. This book is focused on power. Not power over others. Not manipulation. But inner strength, boldness, faith, charisma, influence, and persistence—all the traits that seem to be lacking in the well-ordered corporate world where men fear losing their jobs and succumb to following the rules. They have been taken so far away from who they were meant to be as predators, warriors, and leaders, that the man is barely recognizable. He does what people tell him to do because he is unable to direct himself, independently from society.

Why is it that good citizens willingly follow evil men? Could it be that these men of power tell the naïve what they want to hear? And what does that say about so called “good people” when these leaders appeal to their inner narcissism rooted deep within their own human nature? We must admit we are good and evil, and the forces that govern our behavior are not good, but simply forces. Jim Jones, the leader of People’s Temple appealed to social justice, as a philosophy to unite followers of different backgrounds. Hitler united Germany before trying to take over the world. Before that, he was a failed artist and vagabond. So, how do men like this, rise to power from seemingly out of nowhere? How could a bum on the streets of Seattle become President of the United States when previously being incarcerated? I propose it has to do with tapping into hidden energies or primitive technologies of mind. The progressive world dismisses anything that is ten years old as being out of date and backwards. I propose that religions and cultural traditions hold truths about human nature that will allow men to rise to power when they are optimized. This book is about revealing the wisdom that has been hidden from the modern man, and showing him how obscure nobodies rose to power because they stumbled onto historic truths.


3 thoughts on “Introduction to Dark Energy

  1. Very interesting, thanks for sharing. I will add that maybe citizens vote for men in power because they themselves don’t believe in the power they have inside and look outside.

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