If you believe in the randomness of it all

some of us are lucky

until we’re not

and some of us have bad luck

and some of us a little


have a lot

some of us use our will

and believe our goodness

will save us

if we’re likeable

people will like us

and if people like us

we must be likeable

“I don’t know that I’m a nice guy.”

And I feel better now for saying that

How does one stop the tides of terror

the currents that pull us down

where the fish pluck our bones


feasting on our flesh

trapped between the razor coral

Each chapter of my life has closed

and I have no desire to reread

the parts with people in it


the grand scale of a whispering field

holds my attention

and not the gossip

of terrible lives

But, one must listen to their own judgements of others

and accept the lessons

they would like to give

but no one will hear

and no one will hear

We’ve closed our mind,

our kindness

to an enemy

one who poisons and cuts with cruel intentions

but an enemy has so much more to teach us than a friend

challenging our character

they cause us to question

if we are bad or good

and we feel genuine passion

quelling the storm

with self-control

My enemies are pressed between the pages of my story


like remembered leaves

or dead butterflies

I think of them…

under the weight of wood

left in the past

Now, I’m lighter than a leaf or a butterfly

getting lighter still

with each passage of time

a spirit

ascending into heaven.

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