Flabbergasted by the dialogue that runs in my head

like stock market ticker tape

on an unsteady trading floor

where a series of smart investments

are traded from one perception to another

and every thought is dissected

until the remnants

are indiscernible

from the whole

like a butterfly

missing its wings.

We belong to this WHOLE of humanity

that can’t love itself

it continuously cuts off

bits and pieces

putting them in corners

and forgetting they are there

a sinking feeling

like a lonely longing

knows there is something missing

but it can’t reach out

for fear of losing


Feeling power

in an empty room

in an empty world

where the powers that be

don’t feel power

and exercise


on a stationary bicycle

that doesn’t go anywhere

reminds me

I am continuously

astounded by pain

as I ride through neighborhoods


and countries

that all have the same

social suicides

and personal resurrections.

Most people are looking around

at the same

and doing the same

because they cannot stand something

that differs from their own.

And the pain will always hurt

so much

that you can ride into the spiritual realm

on chariots of fire

where leaders follow

and the HAVING of it all

in well-ordered ways

is a short-lived act

before the unloading

of understanding.


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