it seems that ambitious men

and the not so ambitious kind

have goals

and over time, they collect values

like sea shells

washed up by tides

and the sand smiles

at all of us

trying to get back to itself

lots of time

lost in the sand

a Rolex

a wedding ring


smoothed-out by water

Now, people think about what they want

and they want

what others want

a house, near the shore

to watch the horizon

or a studio, with a bright light

to know what to write

or a man or a woman

to love

so, they can love

or a place of employment

for security

But the beach is constantly changing

nature’s way of telling us

we’re alive

tsunami feelings

tide pools of reflection

everything we want

and don’t want

standing out there


from all the things

that don’t matter

giving them your ego

like a broken egg

your yoke

slips onto the floor

and they don’t want

what’s inside

only the shell

to make them harder

you might fry in the sun

or find a temporary home

you might be a medium-sized rock

pushed around by waves

stones have difficulty speaking

they never disappear

they die in the same way they are born

there is no difference

between death and life

only the mistaken judges

who want

what isn’t there.


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