She took everything from me

said, I wasn’t a man.

She addressed the crowd, “thank you ladies.”

there I was

at the center

the invisible man.

She asked for information

but she didn’t like the facts

and when I didn’t say what she expected

ten women

raised their hands.

She stopped my world from turning

and called my sunny days


I am a weak man

for not fighting


Your house is supported by strong columns

mighty in their size

I live in a warm box

my body heat

keeps me alive.

What do we build with this life

when our constructions are broken down

with whom do we fight

if we are content

to walk away

Everything is given

I’m not allowed to work for my bread

She has won

She glorifies herself

and it’s not enough

she has to find a better man

and when she can’t make him better

she topples

her statue

that can’t love her back.

It’s good to live in your head

until she

cuts it


She wants blood

and she will get it

I pity the poison

in her veins

It is finished

She is forgiven

She knows not

what she does.


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