the garish green world of envy

the monster’s yellow eyes


out of the swamp of despair

birthday cakes of twinkling candles

sweet teeth

that want

what they can’t bight into

people who walk

people who walk faster

people who talk

people who don’t want to talk

the people who say all the right things

even if

they never say anything new

closing doors, and opening them

people worried about what to say

the world runs on time

even when time runs out

it makes a person want to shout

just to hear the sound of their own voice

the culture doesn’t know how foolish it is

with bought beliefs

and manufactured values

the misfit child

has a place in my heart

all he wants is a friend

the other stuff

is garbage

a show

grown people have to play

even if their acting is bad

and the director is worse


is what I’m waiting for

or the great escape

when I see the EXIT

I’ll leave it behind

relief is like a long-awaited sleep

waking from a bad dream

and the sun is young

younger than I thought

there’s still so much life

at the end of the day.


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