the things that sink us

don’t have to

it’s our belief

that keeps us floating.

We can look into the well

and see the abyss


make a wish.

Every once in a while

if we are looking

something saves us

and being brought-out

from that hopeless situation

by these discoveries

is better than anything.


I found-out my colleague and I share the same favorite book.

When I asked him about it, he said, “I read Walden on a camping trip once—some passages spoke to me.”

I have been reading Walden every night for the last year and a half

I’ve grown to depend on it

so I can sleep

so I can understand this time in my life

I say this, not to discount my colleague’s love

but to make a point—

not all love

loves the same

and the stronger we love

the more valuable it becomes, so much so, that wisdom becomes gold

and the philosophers are the richest amongst us

these words are not idle, but hard working

they’ve known meaning, and the satisfaction that accompanies it

if you are satisfied, you can float forever on your back, watching the clouds

go by

where you might rest

for eternity.


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