are for those

willing to cut off


It is tempting

not to make them

because of the illusion of choice—

all those choices

one could choose.

It’s like the summer after high school graduation

there is fear

of walking down, the wrong road

but reassurance

that you can walk back

and try another path.

It’s so tempting

to contemplate the way

and never make your own way in the world.

Eventually, we have no choice

if we never make a choice

and our decisions get compared

to the decisions of others.

We can quickly lose our way

trying to get more

or to out-do

someone else

or we might just be trying to survive.

The quiet cabin in the busy city

is where we need to be honest with ourselves

amongst the chaos, the competition, and the envious eyes.

Ambition will take you places you don’t want to go

and equally dangerous

are the constricting lies we tell ourselves.

We need to know what we can live without

as time runs out

as our opportunities shrink.

We can make friends with lots of people

be a player

in this mad game of life

with our hands and feet in many honey-pots

getting stung

from all sides

being the biggest bear

in the forest

or we might plod-along

down a solitary path


without promise, of a destination.

It takes love

to honor


It takes faith

to keep walking.

It takes desire

and willingness

to ignore the desires of others.

Your eyes focused on the way

there can be no return

because it’s the last trail.

You can’t listen to anyone’s advice

but your own.

You must walk this path


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