There is nothing better

than being able to confront yourself

in the mirror

and smile.

When you do this

you know

you are doing something.

It is not the grimace

or cast-down eyes

look of worry

or stress.

The arches of your smile

transcend sadness.

It’s a monument

you tried to conquer

in the world

but stealing someone else’s smile

and making it your own

does not work.

It’s like wearing a mask

that does not fit

and even if people smile back

you know your smile is not genuine.

It does not belong to you

and it never did.


are waiting for others to give them happiness

and there’s a long line…

People are unhappy

because they want what belongs to them

they seldom realize

their smile

is their own

and having something to smile about

does not come from confronting others

but confronting

one’s self.


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